The 10 creative tweets of the week (n ° 50)

Like every Monday, we offer you a little break in your life to discover the selection of the best creative tweets of the week. As usual: 10 tweets selected from the topics that are talking about right now.

Let's go !

I hate this time: you put on your jacket you're hot, you do not get cold, you turn it back we take you for a Republican ...

- Tania (@TaniaKessaouti) March 11, 2017

unchline of the week.

I remind members that they are supposed to work so that the French can lead a decent life ... and not the other way around.

- Dalidarladada (@gwenouudAmour) March 10, 2017

is so beautifully said.

- "Why is there a hole in 2017 on your cv?"
- "Zelda"
- "Of course."

- Kyan Khojandi (@kyank) March 7, 2017

Best excuse of the world!

My friend Vegan was sick, but it's better.
( •_•)

So we can say that he has ...
( •_•)>⌐■-■

Taken from the hair of the blette!

- Habask with roulette (@thehabask) March 9, 2017


The agencies of com

2015: Be on Twitter
2016: Put GIFs
2017: DES. Emoji. ALL OVER.

- Hardisk (@Hardisk) March 11, 2017

is about that ...


she spreads.


the world upside down!


- The Indepressor (@LeaderPrint) March 9, 2017

I love the idea!

It starts ... # 8mars

- Luke Skadwalker (@lilworldofskad) March 8, 2017

Even Batman takes for his rank!

Fillon VS The Chained Duck (Allegory)

- Aline At Devil ✏ (@MissDeVilles) March 7, 2017